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Thatva - the principle of balancing Creative Freedom and Execution Discipline

Innovation Flow:

Innovation Flow is our proprietary approach for growing Ideas into Innovations. It is based on the thatva (principle) of balancing creative freedom and execution discipline.

Innovation Flow provides a structured framework, systematic process, creativity tools and problem solving techiques to grow ideas into innovation. This methodology has been used at Corporates like ITC, BEL, CTS, Dow Chemicals, Honeywell etc and taught at premier academic institutions like IISc, IIT Madras, IIT Bombay, IIT Gandhinagar, Symbiosis etc.  We have recently conducted Innovation Flow sessions for entrepreneurs in San Jose, California and for Intellectual Property professionals in Melbourne.

Watch Innovation Flow Introduction Video 

The Innovation Flow Workshop is designed to provide you the best concepts, tools, resources and strategies to help adopt a systematic approach to Innovation. This training will help you to excel in Innovative  problem-solving and Innovative product development methodology in your organization. 

The Innovation Flow training will cover the four phases of Innovation 

Focus - Exploring the opportunity space, focusing on the real need and defining the problems 

Leap - Taking the creative leap away from the current solutions and allowing fresh ideas to incubate 

Orient - Alighning the new ideas to the opportunity and making it work within the various constraints   

What's Next - Predicting what is going to happen next - in terms of technology and market evolution - and proactively preparing for the change 

Course Directors: 

Dr Shankar  has a rich experience in translating ideas to Innovation. He has a PhD from Indian Institute of Science and degree in Management from IIMB. He has 14 yrs of industry experience in leading technology innovations in GE, Dow and Honeywell. He has10 US Patents and 2 award winning new products to his credit. He is a visiting faculty for Innovation Management at premier engineering and management institutes.

Sridhar D P  is an Entrepreneur and Co founder of Thatva, an Innovation enabling platform. He has degree on Innovation and IP from Indian Institute of Science and Management degree from IIMB. He has 14 yrs of experience helping customers to spot opportunities, identify the pain points and deliver innovative solutions cutting across domains.

Objective of the Innovation Flow Workshop: 

Train technologists in the practice of a structured innovation framework for creating ideas and for growing ideas into innovation. The two-day workshop will train participants in applying various innovation tools and techniques on real-life technology problems.   

The participants will form small teams (3-4 members) and will select real-life technology problems to work on during Workshop. 



Session Title 

Thatva Innovation Platform 

Day 1 (FN) 

Introduction to Innovation Flow 



Innovative Problem Solving Framework 

Focus - Leap & Orient - What's Next ? 

Day 1 (FN) 

Exploring Innovation Opportunity 



Probing the Innovation Opportunity 

Focus Tool - Innovation Probes 


Teams report out on Innovation Probes 



Mapping the Opportunity space 

Focus Tool - Function / Job Map 


Teams report out on Opportunity Map 


Day 1 (AN) 

Defining Problems 



Visualizing the Ideal Solution 

Focus Tool - Ideality 


Teams report out on Ideal Solution 



Identifying Constraints / Contradictions 

Focus Tool - TRIZ Contradiction 


TRIZ Systematic Innovation 


Day 2 (FN)

Creating Ideas

Leap & Orient + What's Next ?


Systematic Ideation

Leap & Orient Tool


Brainstorming using TRIZ Triggers

Leap & Orient Tool - TRIZ Ideation


TRIZ Technology Evolution Trends

What's Next Tool  - Trends Ideation


Teams report out on Ideas


Day 2 (AN)

Building Differentiated Solutions



Combine & Prioritize Ideas

Collective Creativity


Grow Ideas to Inventions

Inventive Problem Solving


Idea Protection Strategy

Strategic IP



Program Fee :

Rs. 12,000.00 per participant

(Includes Lunch, Tea / Coffee.)

Subject to availability of seats.


Payment Mode :

DD or Electronic transfer favouring "SSQUARE INNOVATIONS SOFTLABS PVT LTD"


Bank Details : IDBI Bank, J P Nagar, Bangalore

Current Acct : 0024102000013305

IFSC Code    : IBKL0000024


Gautham M
Event Manager
+91 99160 94991/ 99000 19836

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August 18, 2012 — 9:00 am to
August 19, 2012 — 6:00 pm

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